Clinic Guidelines

For Your Child's Health...

We at Sand Lake Elementary do our best to run a safe and healthy campus.  At times, minor injuries occur and first aid will be required.  Our school will make sure that first aid is given as needed.  After care is given, the students will be sent back to class.  In case of major injuries, first aid will be administered and the parent will be immediately notified.  In case of illness, a child will be cared for until the parent arrives or he/she is returned to his/her classroom.

Please be sure that as a parent, you keep your contact information updated at the front desk so that in the event of an emergency, we may contact you.

In certain circumstances, non-communicable diseases must be treated.  If your child has been prescribed medication from a physician, you must sign a special permission form (available in the school office) in order for these certain medications to be administered.  In such cases, the physician must write instructions, stating the number of days the child will need to take the medication. The child will be supervised in taking his/her medicine at the stated time and in the amount prescribed by the physician.  If medication is to be continued for a period longer than the number of days originally specified, the physician must confirm the extended period in writing.

In special cases, such as epilepsy, diabetes, or other conditions where medication is required over prolonged periods, the physician must give written instructions indicating the frequency of medication and any special precautions or other instructions that would enable us to properly supervise the child in taking the medication as prescribed.

Parents must bring medication in the original container to the clinic.  The parent must complete a school medical form in order to administer the medicine to the child.  Pharmacy directions on the label will be followed and must not be altered.

Under no circumstances will any over-the-counter medications be given to anyone without written consent from parents.  Please do not send the medication to school with your child!  It is very important that a parent signs in the medication initially and signs it out after final dispensing.  

If your child has a fever or appears to be sick in the morning, please do not send him/her to school.  You will be called to pick up your child if a fever is determined at school.

A child who contracts a contagious disease or condition such as pink eye, chicken pox, ring worm, impetigo, or pediculosis (head lice) will be sent home from school and must remain home until the condition or the disease is corrected.  A doctor's note may be required to accompany the child to the clinic with proof of treatment (in the case of head lice--empty container that was used to treat the condition) prior to readmission to school. 

If a student is to be confined to the home or the hospital by a licensed physician due to illness or injury, the student may be eligible for the Hospital/Homebound school program.  The Hospital/Homebound schoolteachers provide instruction in the home, hospital, or though a teleconferencing class via the telephone system.  Homebound application forms may be obtained from the guidance counselor or the Hospital/Homebound office.  Applications must be signed by the parent and the doctor and returned to the Hospital/Homebound office for processing.